Cheese Plant


Not your average fencing! Add a taste of the tropics to your garden and get the privacy you crave with our stunning Cheese Plant garden screening. Available in colours and sizes to suit all home and garden projects.

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Corten
  • Cream
  • Green
  • Grey
  • 119 x 56 cm
  • 190 x 90 cm
  • 237 x 112 cm
  • 1mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 3mm


Our stylish and practical garden screening will upgrade your outdoor space and give it a luxury finish. This on-trend design is inspired by the Cheese Plant, native to the tropical forests of Southern Mexico. Choose from several colours including black, brown, green, cream, corten, grey and white. Our metal garden screens are made from premium quality steel and can be ordered in various sizes and thicknesses to suit all projects.

Why choose decorative garden screens?

We offer a beautiful collection of garden screen panels to enhance the look of your living space. Whether you’re creating a design feature or simply want  a little more privacy, you are guaranteed to find the perfect garden screening solution here on our website. What’s more, you can install our screens inside the home as room dividers or decorative wall panels. The only limit is your imagination!

Here are a few more reasons to install our garden screening:

Shelter – Protect your flowers, trees, plants and garden furniture from high winds and heavy downpours

Privacy – Create a hidden garden out of sight from your neighbours

Safety – Fence your garden to prevent pets from wandering elsewhere

We take great care to ensure our decorative garden screens are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. If you have any questions or need help choosing the perfect design for your outdoor space, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.

Each panel is fabricated from a single piece of steel and features a 40mm x 20mm strengthening return to add additional rigidity to the panel.

Also on each side of the return are 4x 8.5mm mounting holes to use in fixing the panel to posts.


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